Sonubaits Hemp and Garlic & Hemp and Krill

Tue 08 April 14


Arguably, one of the most effective all round feed particles of all time has to be hempseed. This oil rich, amino packed feed option, is ideal for use when targeting all species of fish from small silvers right through to specimen carp. In fact the UKMA team and no doubt all experienced anglers reading this, will have at some time in their angling life, used this incredible fish attractor as feed or as a hookbait option. To give your hemp a boost with flavourings is nothing new, with various combinations of spices and liquid flavours being regularly used by the masses, you can improve the performance and fish holding properties of hemp just by simply giving it a flavour boost. to make your life nice and simple, the SONUBAITS team have come up with two instantly recognisable flavour options to make life simple for you.

Sonubaits Hemp Combo's

First up is the HEMP + GARLIC, this oily, aromatic hemp option, has the prominent garlic aroma with the subtle natural nutty aroma of hemp in the background. The second option is the HEMP + KRILL, the inclusion of the now very popular KRILL flavouring gives the hemp a fishy aroma with the naturally nutty hemp aroma in the background to keep those fish attracting properties oozing into your swim and in theory, keeping those bites coming. Both are ideal for use in heavily coloured waters as the flavours released make them easy for fish to find and recognise but with a slight twist of something attractive and different. Both of these flavour packed tins of perfectly cooked hemp are sold in 400g cans that have an easy to use pull ring lid, so no tin opener is needed.
The HEMP+ GARLIC & HEMP+KRILL are now available from all leading SONUBAITS stockists for around only £1.99 which is excellent value!


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