Sonubaits 2mm Krill Pellets

Mon 06 August 12


With the water temperatures starting to fall, a low oil pellet is definitely the way forward for the colder months to come but these pellets need something slightly different to give you an edge, enter the Krill Feed Pellets 2mm from Shropshire based Sonubaits, arguably one of the fastest growing bait companies.

These perfectly formed pellet offerings carry a distinctive krill aroma and red colouration that makes them really stand out from the crowd of feed pellets that are currently flooding the market.

Sonubaits Krill Feed Pellets 2mm

They can be used straight from the bag or when they are soaked in lake water, this produced a near instant breakdown, releasing loads of flavour and attractants that should inspire the most non-active of aquatic species to feed in the depths of winter. You can be used for cup or feeder pot work, in a cage feeder, or if used dry they’re ideal for small PVA bag work as well.

These all season feed options are suited to the match and club, specialist and carp anglers all year round needs and offer a low oil boosted food source that carp, bream, skimmers, F1’s and all silver species will find highly attractive.

You can buy the Krill Feed Pellets 2mm are now available from your local Sonubaits retailer for the very reasonable price of £3.99 for a 900g bag.


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