Ringers Method Micros 2mm

Fri 28 August 15


Over the past 15 years, Ringers have well and truly established themselves as one of the leading brands in commercial fishery orientated baits. The brand impressive CV of products have deservedly earned a huge following in the match angling fraternities based on reliability and performance. The latest addition to the Northamptonshire based companies range have been tested by the UKMA team over several sessions and this product has excelled every time, introducing the Ringers Method Micros.

Ringer Method Micros

Vital Statistics

The Ringers Method Micros 2mm are a combination of low oil pellets that have been specifically selected to offer a all weather pellet method feed option. Although very productive in the summer months, the method micros come into their own during the colder months when fish are not looking for feed. Each pellet used has been selected based on them producing a perfectly formed method ball that can be cast at extreme distances, without any fear of the ball breaking up on the cast.

Ringers Method Micros 2mm moulded on the feeder

Field Tested

Over several sessions, the UKMA team have discovered that the best way of preparing the pellets is to soak them in lake water for roughly three minutes, ensuring they are totally covered. Then simply pour the wet pellets into a pellet meshed landing net and leave them to drain, it’s that simply. If by chance they’re a bit too wet, simply dust with either a fishmeal groundbait or paste to dry them out and add additional binding.

Ringers Method Micros 2mm ready for the feeder

By following our preparation technique and soaking times, this produces a perfect method pellet every time. We also learned by tank testing that the average breakdown time for a method ball is less than 45 seconds, so on those days where the fish are in the mood, your hookbait is released quickly, to in theory, make the bites come quicker.

Proof is in the pudding, 35lbs in less than an hour

Final Thoughts

After using the Ringers Method Micros 2mm on several different venues, they have produced the goods every time. These easy to prepare and use pellets are perfect for the method feeder but can also be used in a standard cage feeder, with excellent results. As you can see above, in less than an hour, we managed to land numerous fish for at least 35lbs and we’re not the best anglers in the world (if we can catch on them, then anyone can).

Foot Note – The Method Micro Pellets 2mm are supplied in a 900gm bag and you should expect to pay £3.49 per bag from all leading Ringer stockists.


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