Marukyu Skrill Feed Pellets

Fri 16 May 14


There are literally hundreds of different types of feed pellet currently available to the match, carp and specialist anglers in the UK. For those anglers who like to try something different, from the current batch available, that apart from a rare few are pretty much all based on similar sizes, colours and flavours, until know. Japanese bait giants Marukyu have released a new range of feed pellets called Skrill, which is basically an abbreviation of the flavour combination used which is Squid and Krill.

Skrill Feed Pellets 1

These very aromatic feed pellets are a jet black in colour and incorporate squid and Atlantic Krill to produce a lingering fish aroma that all big species should in theory find irresistible. With an added infusion of natural sweeteners and proprietary attractants, this give the Skrill Feed Pellets a totally unique flavour release and performance once in the water. They’re ideally suited for spodding (wet or dry), stick and solid PVA bag work, mixing in with groundbaits, using in the feeder, pole pots, pinging with a catapult and feeding by hand in the margins.

Skrill Feed Pellets 2

First Impressions

The Skrill pellets are available in four sizes, these are 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm, offering a size to suite most natural venue and commercial fishery requirements. The pellets in all sizes have a uniform size and sinking rate which should make the task of firing out with a catapult far more accurate. Marukyu were the first bait company to utilise krill in baits designed for the match and pleasure angler and with many other leading brands now taking advantage of its ever growing popularity, they have managed to give it a totally new twist with the addition of one of the UKMA teams all time big fish attractor squid. The new for 2014 black Skrill (Squid & Krill) Feed Pellets are sold in 800g bags for £3.99 per bag but as a promotional offer, all Marukyu stockist will be offering 3 bags for £10 which is great value for money.

FOOT NOTE – Over the next few week the UKMA will be putting the Skrill Feed Pellets through their paces on commercial and natural venues to see just how well they perform, so until them watch this space!


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