Dynamite Baits Hi-Attract Instant Response Carp Pellets

Mon 02 April 12


First Look

A few weeks ago UKMA had our first look at the Hi- Attract Instant response groundbait range from Dynamite Baits. So we thought it would also be appropriate to inform you that they have also released the Hi-Attract Carp Pellets to accompany or to be used as an alternative to the groundbaits. The Hi-Attract Instant Response Carp Pellets are available in three flavours: Shellfish Betaine Green, Hemp & Sweet corn Amino Match and Meaty Marine Carp Pellets. Dynamite has released all flavours in 4mm, 6mm & 8mm options, giving you a pellet suitable for most angling situations. Ideal for all commercial fishery but all will find favour amongst the river elite in search of big barbel, chub & bream.

product range image

The angler in search of big carp will also find these aromatic and coloured pellets ideal for all spod, bag and stick, plus they will work superbly as a feed option when stalking the margins in warmer climates.

These latest offerings are now available from all leading Dynamite bait stockists and you should expect to pay around £3.70 per 900g bag.

TOP TIP – When fishing on big rivers where big barbel and chub are expected, try scalding either the Shellfish Betaine Green or Meaty Marine carp pellets before using them in your feeder. They will then give off a huge amount of flavour, instantly attracting big fish to your baited area. This method works exceptionally well after a flood or when the river is carrying extra colour and flow.