Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pellets Micro

Wed 18 May 16


The Method feeder is still one of the best tactics for targeting big carp when fishing at range or against islands and features when the pressure is low and the fish have their heads down. Over the past three years numerous brands have released pellets specifically designed for use with the method feeder and Suffolk based Bait-Tech have now joined the list of companies who have now released their very own products to specifically target this market in the shape of the new for 2016 Sticky Method Pellets.

Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pellets Micro

Vital Statistics

These dark coloured micro pellets offer the angler a pellet that requires no additional binding agents to form the perfect method ball every time. These aromatic pellets boast high quality ingredients and offer a food source designed to keep the fish feeding for long. Another key features is that these micro pellets a re heavier than stand, meaning whilst fish are feeding your bait stays on the deck, rather than being wafted around whilst the fish are feeding. Although specifically designed for the method feeder, you can also use the Sticky Method Pellets for cupping or balling in on the pole or waggler lines.

‘Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pellets are darker and heavier  than standard micro pellets

How to Prepare the Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pellets

To prepare the perfect method pellets every time, simply place the pellets in a bowl or bucket, cover them in water and leave to soak for approximately 2 minutes. Then drain of the access water and leave for ten minutes and they’re ready to use.

Final Thoughts

After using the Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pellets on the bank, they do exactly what it says on the packaging. They’re easy to prepare and bind perfectly without the aid of additional binders. The Sticky Method Pellets are now available from all authorised Bait-Tech stockists and you should expect to pay £3.75 per 800g bag.



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