Bait-Tech Special G Feed Pellets

Sun 05 May 13


If you are looking to upgrade or change your feed pellets this year, one option well worth considering are the new SPECIAL G FEED PELLETS from BAIT-TECH. The launch of this range saw the release of the 2mm and 3mm options and they have built a huge following amongst match anglers of all abilities. Unlike many standard feed pellet options these are a pale green in colour unlike the standard coarse or carp pellet. They have been manufactured by utilising exceptionally high digestibility proteins, active feeding stimulators including Betaine and fish solubles are added together with the most palatable ingredients including high quality fish meal, fish oil and spirulina.

Special G Pellets

This combination of materials ultimately giving a pellet that is constantly releasing highly palatable aminos, which in theory will draw fish in to your baited areas. Described by the manufacturer as being ‘the most technically advanced high specification feed pellet available’ truly has a big reputation to live up to but with many of the countries leading match and specialist anglers already taking big weight using them who are we to disagree. The SPECIAL G Feed Pellets are available in 2mm, 3mm, with the latest additions to the range for 2013 being the 4mm and 6mm sizes.

Special G close up

Final Thoughts

These pellet offering from BAIT-TECH offer you the angler an option for all commercial angling situations including cupping in on the pole, pellet waggler, pellet bomb, as well as making them the perfect additive for all groundbaits, stick mixes and in the small sizes they work as the perfect method pellet. The SUPER G FEED PELLETS are now available from all leading Bait-Tech stockist and carry an rrp of £4.99 per 850g bag but if you shop around on-line as there are some great deals to be found if you shop around or buy in bulk.


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