Bait-Tech Carp Pellets Marine Halibut 4mm 2kg

Thu 09 July 15


There are now more different types of feed pellet to choose from than there are species of fish. Over the past 15 years the feed pellet market has exploded, with literally dozens of different colours, flavours and sizes now available to us confused anglers. We at UKMA get to review a big selection of the new pellets to hit the market every year, so we know how had it is for you as a consumer to make the right selection for your own personal requirements. However, we have just received samples of the new for 2015 Marine Halibut 4mm Carp Pellets from Suffolk based Bait-Tech, read on as we talk you through these latest offerings.

Bait-Tech Marine Halibut 4mm Carp Pellets

Vital Statistics

Bait-Tech launch their first ever sinking Carp Feed Pellets in 2kg bags. These laboratory formulated PVA friendly pellets have high nutrition content making them an ideal attractor and fish hold feed offering. These high-oil Halibut Marine are packed with feed stimulants and fish attractors and they’re ideally suited for Loose feeding by hand or with a catapult, Spodding, hair-rigging or as a food content particle that can be added to your groundbait mix. When soaked in lake water for 5 minutes, these oily 4mm pellets can also be moulded around a method feeder or if scalded in hot water, they make the ideal feeder mix when fishing for big barbel, chub and bream on powerful rivers including the Trent and Avon.

Marine Halibut 4mm close up

Final Thoughts

If you like oily dark pellets with a distinctive fishy aroma, then the Bait-Tech Carp Pellets Marine Halibut 4mm could be exactly what you are looking for. These versatile pellets can be used for numerous different tactics and presentations, when targeting all larger commercial fishery and big river species.
They Marine Halibut in 4mm, 6mm & 8mm sizes in the new 2kg bags and you should expect to pay around £6.99 per bag, and they’re now available from all leading Bait-Tech stockists.


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