Bait-Tech Carp Pellets Fishmeal 8mm

Tue 04 August 15


Field Tested

The Bait-Tech Carp Pellet range has become a massive part of modern commercial fishery tactics. Over the past few years the UKMA team have used and tested all sizes in the range and had great success whilst using them. The only thing the range needed to make it complete, was a larger option for use on the pole, pellet waggler and straight lead, introducing the Carp Pellets Fishmeal 8mm, new for 2015.

Bait-Tech Carp Pellets Fishmeal 8mm

Vital Statistics

These light coloured fishmeal 8mm feed pellets are packed with feed stimulants and fish attractors. As soon as you open the bag you get a strong fish aroma that will catch as many anglers as fish. They’re ideally suited for use as a hookbait when fishing shallow on the pole, pellet waggler, or on the straight lead, when fishing on the deck. They have a breakdown time of approximately 22 minutes, so on those hard days when bites are a t a premium, you can be assured that your hookbait will remain in tact.

Bait-Tech Carp Pellets Fishmeal 8mm close up

Final Thoughts

After using these pellets on several sessions as a hookbait, they have performed superbly, and most importantly, they’ve caught fish! They offer the user a good quality hookbait option that is highly visible and robust enough to be used with either a pellet band or lasso hair attachment. All in all, the Carp Pellets Fishmeal 8mm from Bait-Tech do exactly what it says on the tin, they catch fish!

Foot Note – The Carp Pellets Fishmeal 8mm are available from all Bait-Tech stockists and will cost you £6.99 for a 2kg bag.


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