Bag'em Matchbaits Pro-Competition Red Aggressor Carp Pellets

Sun 26 April 15


Field Tested

It’s not very often that the UKMA team get excited about a new bait as we see so many over the years but that all changed when we first got our hands on these new for 2015 feed Pro-Competition Red Aggressor Carp Pellets from Northamptonshire based Bag’em Matchbaits. Read on as the UKMA team take them out on the bank and put them through there paces.

Bagem Matchbaits Pro-Competition Red Aggressor Carp Pellets

Vital Statistics

These new feed pellet options from Bag’em off you the angler a totally unique feed option. These deep red high oil feed pellets are ideally suited to warmer water conditions (spring, summer and early autumn). They have a distinctive potent fihsmeal aroma that makes them smell as good as any pellet the UKMA team have seen in some time. They’re available in four size options, these are 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and the 8mm options that have been pre drilled for use as on hair rigs as a hookbait.

Field Tested

Over the past five weeks the UKMA team have been using the Pro-Competition Red Aggressor Carp Pellets in a match angling environment to see exactly how they perform whilst in competitive use. As the fish on the venue we were targeting were still backing away from large volumes of feed, we utilised the 2mm options as 90% of our feed and method mix,

Preparing the 2mm Red Aggressor Carp Pellets for the method feeder

We half filled a groundbait bowl with lake water and poured in a 700g bag of the Red Aggressor 2mm Carp Pellets, ensuring that they are totally covered in water. We then left them to soak for 4 minutes, after this we them tipped the pellets into a fine meshed landing net head to drain the surplus water away. After a shake, we then poured the pellets back into the bowl and gave them an occasionally mix to ensure that all the pellets absorb the same amount of water. This process produced a perfectly soaked pellet that when dusted with a powdered paste or method groundbait produced a perfect method ball every time.

On the bank

After 25 hours of match fishing on what can only be described as non fancied pegs in very poor conditions, the 2mm Red Aggressor Carp Pellets method mix has produced fish regularly, when other anglers in the area have struggled for bites. After only 2 minutes of the mix being in the water on our first match, a stunning fully scaled 10lbs mirror fell to the mix. From what are known hard pegs, we took fish in all matches to secure good league points in most, turning potential bad matches into good ones.

Final Thoughts

After using the Red Aggressor Carp Pellets in an angling environment both on the method feeder(using 2mm options) and on the hook (pre-drilled 8mm options) we have caught fish when many around us have struggled for bites. Was it purely luck or was it the bait? we will never know but after catching whilst using these aromatic feed pellets, the UKMA team will continue using them as a part of our method and feeder mix.

Foot Note – The Pro Competition Red Aggressor Carp Pellets are now available from all Bag’em Matchbaits stockists for £3.99 per 700g bag.


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