Dynamite Baits SwimStim Extreme Hook Pellets

Sun 05 January 14


Dynamite SwimStim Extreme Hook pellets

And so the annual delights of ploughing through the huge number of new baits that will become available over the coming months begins. Finding products that are original and practical was a bit of a mission last year but DNAMITE BAITS have made life a bit easier with the release of the SWIMSTIM EXTREME HOOK PELLETS. These new for 2014 hook bait options are supplied in a duo pot, this handy storage system makes it possible to stored separately 4mm and 6mm hook baits in one tidy container, saving you valuable space in your carryall. In the smaller lid pot you’ll find the 4mm pellets stored, with plenty of space to keep the contents in perfect condition and the main lower section of the pot is where the 6mm pellets are stored.

There are currently two flavours options available in the SWIMSTIM EXTREME HOOK PELLET range. The first option is the RED KRILL; these dark red options absolutely reek of the now very popular krill flavouring, and will become a favourite with all anglers who prefer a hookbait with a distinctive and powerful fish aroma. The second option in the range is the WHITE AMINO; these carry the very popular SWIMSTIM aroma and have been given a white outer coating to make your hookbait really stand out against all aquatic backdrops. Both flavours of pellets offer the user a soft hookbait option that is also very durable, making them perfectly suitable for all presentations including pole, waggler and all feeder presentation.

Dynamite SwimStim Extreme Hook Pellets open tubs

First Impression

These latest hookbait offerings from DYNAMITE BAITS are a very cost affective and practical way of carrying two different hookbait sizes in one compact pot. Bothe the 4mm & 6mm size options sink perfectly and offer the user a complete hookbait option for all different styles of commercial fishery presentation and tactics. On first impressions the SWIMSTIM EXTREME HOOK PELLET definitely look, feel and smell the part and at just £3.99 per pot these will definitely become very popular amongst the coarse, club and match angling fraternities based on superb value for money. As per usual, the UKMA team will be back with a full users report over the next few weeks, so until them watch this space!