Burt Baits Hook & Hair Soft Hookers

Mon 24 March 14


First Look

Southern based BURT BAITS may be a new name to many of you reading this but they will be hitting a shop near you very soon. UKMA spoke to company MD Tony Wynnick and this very honest chap explained that BURT BAITS are “A wholesale company that sources top quality product from several manufacturers and supply them at affordable prices to the retail sector. So anglers can buy quality products that have been manufactured in the UK, for the UK angler” a very admirable statement indeed. One of the ranges of products that have already caught the eye of many anglers including a few very well known from the BURT BAITS catalogue are the excellent HOOK & HAIR SOFT HOOKERS, so as per usual, the UKMA team have got our hands on a selection of these versatile hookbaits to have a look at.

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Vital Statistics

The BURT BAIT range of hookers will cover all eventualities you are likely to encounter whilst targeting natural or commercial fishery species. These durable yet soft hookbaits are produced from top quality expander pellets, utilising a tried and tested pressurised pumping process to ensure all baits sink perfectly and are of the same consistency. There are eight different flavours in the range, these are Mad Meat (Meat Pink), Scopex, Crab (Natural colour), Tutti Frutti (Rusty Red colour), Natural, Banoffee (Golden Yellow colour), BAM (Bad Ass Madras) (Dark Brown colour and Green Betaine. Each of the flavour are very noticeable yet no over powering and as any top specimen anglers will tell you “if the aroma is strong to you its too strong for the fish” which through the UKMA teams personal experiences, this has proven to be the case.

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First Impressions

On first impressions, these very good quality hookbaits are available in four different sizes; 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm in all flavours, offering you the angler a perfect selection of flavours sizes and colour options to keep the feeding fish in your swim amused and feeding for longer. Each 240ml pot contains enough hookbaits for several sessions and they will set you back just £3.25 per pot in all sizes and flavours. Over the next few weeks we’ll be giving this well thought out range of flavoured HOOK & HAIR SOFT EXPANDERS a thorough test out on the bank to see just how well they perform in an angling environment, so until then watch this space!


Visit the Website: https://www.facebook.com/BurtBaits