Bait-Tech 2014 Micro Pop Ups

Tue 08 April 14


With the match angling fraternities now more than ever looking into the tactics and presentations used by specimen carp anglers, to give themselves an edge when fishing commercial day ticket venues. The demand for baits of variable buoyancy has become one of the fastest growing areas of the match bait market, with pop ups being one of the leaders of the ever growing pack. These versatile baits give the user a magnitude of presentation options that can keep bites coming when standard bottom bait presentations are not producing the good. To keep their range of products in this area of growing, Suffolk based BAIT-TECH have released three new MICRO POP UP options for 2014. Over the past few weeks, the UKMA team have taken a close look at these new versatile hookbaits, here’s what you get for your money.

2014 Micro Pop Ups

Vital Statistics

These new MICRO POP UPS are dumbbell in shaped more like a pellet than the conventions round options that are currently available, which potentially could make them usable on venues where standard boilies are banned (always check with the fishery before using them). There are three colour and flavour options available in the Micro Pop Up range. First up are the Pineapple Micro Pop Ups, these have a mellow, sweet pineapple aroma and you have a choice of fluro yellow, orange, pink or white pop up options in the tub to keep the fish guessing. The next option is the Pellet & Fish Oil Micro Pop Ups. As it says on the tin, these brownish red Pop Ups are the ideal option for all anglers who like to use natural pellet flavoured bait. The third member of the group is the Hemp Oil Micro Pop Ups, these charcoal black coloured baits have a white marking to give the appearance of a large piece of cooked hemp and carry a subtle hemp aroma.

Micro Pop Ups strip

Final Thoughts

These new MICRO POP UPS have something to offer the majority of all match, carp and specialist anglers alike. If you are an angler wanting a good quality small pop-up for method fishing, that can be attached to your rig via a bayonet, banding or straight on hair-rigs, then these three new pop up options from BAIT-TECH are seriously worth considering. These 50ml tubs contain enough pop ups to last you for many sessions and will definitely give you a totally different presentation option when things aren’t going to plan. The new MICRO POP UPS are now available from all BAIT-TECH stockist and they will cost you £3.99 per pot, which is excellent value for money for such a versatile bait option.


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