Bag'em Matchbaits Tuffits - First look

Fri 11 April 14


Tuffits main image

When selecting a hookbait to target all species that dwell in commercial fisheries, there are three key factors that you must take into consideration, these are size, flavour and colour. You have to select the right size for your target species, obviously if you are targeting small fish a 10mm hookbait might be a little OTT! When choosing a flavour this is nine times out of ten down to personal preference but by doing a bit of research you should be able to establish which flavours work best. As with flavours, the colouor you select will be based on your own personal preference and what works best on the venue you are targeting. Nothing too complicated to consider but if you do your research you’ll definitely improve your chances of getting it right on your next rip to your local commercial fishery!

Tuffits Strip images

One range of hookbaits that offers all three key factors are the TUFFITS from Northamptonshire based Bag’em Matchbaits. As the name suggests, these robust hookbaits can be presented straight on the hook or hair rigged, making them ideal for all pole, waggler and feeder presentations.
There are three colour and flavour combinations available in the TUFFIT range, these are Red Krill, Pure Pineapple (fluro yellow) and White Coconut, and all options are available in 6mm and 10mm sizes. These baiting needle friendly hookbaits are now available from all Bag’em Matchabits stockists for £3.49 per 100 ML pot and are seriously worth considering when your usual baits are not producing results.


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