Stinky Stuff Draw Special Match Formula

Tue 10 May 16


Being a fond believer in using baits that are natural, meaning using them in their natural form, rather than adding colour or flavour. It takes something pretty special for the UKMA team to put their hands up and admit that a coloured flavouring can make a difference to your catch rate but we think we’ve found one! Introducing the Draw Special Match Formula from Stinky Stuff.

Stinky Stuff Draw Special Match Formula

Vital Statistics

Draw is the first dedicated formulation, specifically designed for Match Anglers. Stinky Stuff Draw offers a glorious Super Sweet, Strawberry, Bubblegum flavour red liquid, that once sprayed on your feed and hook bait, it sticks to them permanently. The Team of chemists who work on the Stinky Stuff have worked along side the Stinky Stuff team of match anglers to design an attractant that stimulates both Carp and Silverfish to feed, by creating a small burst of colour and instant attractant release as your coated baits hits the water.


Stinky Stuff Draw is PVA Friendly
Stinky Stuff Draw can be sprayed on Any Hookbait
Stinky Stuff Draw is Aquatically Safe
Stinky Stuff Draw 100ml Can
Stinky Stuff Draw features Spray & Stay Technology

Key Feature

Stinky Stuff Draw is 100% aquatically safe. It’s safe for fish, safe for the environment and safe for the waters you are fishing on.

The Field Test 1 – Kingsland Reservoir

We spent our first session field testing the Stinky Stuff Draw Special Match Formula on a well stocked commercial fishery in Cambridgeshire. The venue holds a large number of carp up to mid double figures, so bites would be easy to find at any time. We decided to fish the pole shallow at 13m in 9 feet of water as the pressure was high and the temperatures we in the mid 20’s.

We started the session of by using natural feed pellets and hook baits to get the fish going. After a run of small carp up to 5lbs, we then sprayed our 6mm feed pellets and a few hookbaits with the Draw to see if it would improve the size and catch rate.

Over the next hour and a half, the stamp of fish and number caught greatly increased, with a run of fish from 8 to 12lbs falling pray to this aromatic fish attractant. Very impressive we thought but would it change the game on a natural venue with lower stock levels on feeder tactics? we needed to find out.

The Field Test 2 – Long Island Lakes

The following day we headed of to a natural venue on the outskirts of Earith Cambridgeshire to try the Draw on the method feeder. Yet again we soaked our natural micro pellets in lake water for 3 minutes and drained them off ready for the method feeder. Our chosen hookbaits we wafters and these were also left in their natural state.

With three of us not having as much as a line bite in the first hour, whilst fishing a the method feeder, which can produce some exceptional sport on this venue. We then sprayed a small amount of the Draw over our pre-soaked feed pellets, re-loaded the feeders and cast out to the same spots.

The result of adding the draw to our feed pellets was impressive to say the least. We put together a run of 21 fish up to 11lbs, which included 10 carp, 3 good bream, 2 5lbs plus tench, a 2.5lbs crucians and hybrids up to 3lbs all within the the next hour.

As we were packing up, two other angler on the lake who had not had a bite in 5 hours asked what we were using? So we walked over to them, showed them the product. They reeled in, we sprayed both anglers boilie hookbaits and they re-cast.

In the 45 minutes it took us to pack up, they landed 5 fish in total, up to 15lbs from a swim that had not produced anything at all, up to them introducing hookbaits that were covered with the Draw.

Final Thoughts

After taking this latest addition to the Stinky Stuff range out on the bank and using it on two different venues, the UKMA team have to admit that we’re very impressed with the Draw. It’s mellow strawberry and cream aroma is totally pleasing on the nose and the red colouring it gives both your feed and hook baits, can as we have seen for ourselves, really make a difference, especially when the going is hard.

Foot Note – The Draw Special Match Formula is now available from all authorised Stinky Stuff stockists or direct from their website. You should expect to pay £9.99 per 100ml spray can.

Stinky Stuff Draw Special Match Formula

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