Sonubaits Bream Feeder Liquid

Fri 07 June 13


With carp being the targeted species for many anglers on both natural and commercial fisheries these days, it makes a refreshing change to see a manufacturer produce a groundbait and liquid specifically designed to catch bream or as they are now better known in match and carp circles “snotties”. The species that was the main target of many match and specialist anglers during the 70’s and 80’s is making a huge comeback, particularly amongst the match angling fraternities. With many fisheries now introducing bream and skimmers, they have become a necessary species to target on many waters when building big weights. With that in mind, here’s the UKMA first look at these latest offering from ever growing product range at Shropshire based Sonubaits.

Bream Feeder Liquid image

To work in conjunction with the Bream Feeder groundbait, Sonubaits have also released the Bream Feeder Liquid. This intensely sweet liquid has a distinctive sweetcorn aroma but also contains numerous other food grade flavours for added attraction. It also contains a unique feed enhancer that gives this yellow liquid excellent fish pulling power.

To use the Bream Feeder Liquid simply squirt the liquid onto your feed or hookbaits and leave to soak for a few minutes, this will then change the flavour of your bait creating a balance food source. The baits that UKMA recommend you try the Bream Feeder Liquid on your hard hook and feed pellets sweetcorn, meat, expander pellets and obviously your groundbaits. Sonubaits have informed UKMA that you can’t over flavour your bait so don’t be shy when using it!!

TOP TIP – Before you pump your expander pellets or mix groundbaits, add the Bream Feeder Liquid to the water to get an even distribution of the liquid throughout the bait during preparation process. The Bream Feeder Liquid is sold in lock tight rectangular 250ml bottles with a secure non-spill lid, making it ideal for carrying around in your luggage without the worries of spillage. It is now in your local Sonubaits stockist and will set you back £3.25 per bottle but always shop around for the best on-line deals.


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