Ringers Red & Yellow Shellfish Flavour Liquids

Sun 05 October 14


Ringer Baits are without question one of the biggest names in commercial fishery match baits on the UK tackle shop shelves. The impeccable reputation earned over the past decade for high quality products and exceptional results when using them has made the Northants based company a match angling institution. The brand has built its reputation around the superb Ringers range of groundbaits, match boilies, feed pellets and high quality expander pellets but these latest offering from the company sees them re-releasing these very sort after liquid attractants due to demand from the angling public.

Ringers Red & Yellow Shellfish flavoured Liquids

New for 2014 see’s the re-lunch of the the Ringers Red & Yellow Shellfish Flavoured Liquids. These aromatic fish flavoured liquids can be used to colour groundbaits, pellets, meat and corn, as well as a neat liquid in small quantities, to create a zero feed cloud to attract fish shallow. there are no restrictions to the amount you use but the UKMA team highly recommend you use three caps full added to water per kilo of groundbait or pellet to achieve an even distribution of colour and flavour, that will enhance your feed flavour release.

Final Thoughts

The UKMA team had massive success with the original versions of these liquids whilst testing a few yeas back and were very disappointed to see them taken of the market. When we found out they were coming back, we jumped at the chance to have a look at them again and they still have all the essentials to make them a great asset to any angler who likes to try something totally different. Both the Red and Yellow Shellfish Flavoured liquids are sold in 250ml bottles and are now available from all Ringer stockists for £3.99 per bottle.


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