Ringers Chocolate Orange Gel Spray

Wed 13 December 17


Ringers started a bit of a bait revolution last year with the release of their Chocolate Orange hookbaits, designed for method feeder and straight lead tactics. to accompany these very popular bottom and wafter hookbaits and to give them an added boost, they released the Chocolate Orange Gel Spray in July this year. Since then the UKMA team have been putting this flavoursome enhancer through it’s paces to find out how to get the very best results and performance from the product.

Ringers Chocolate Orange Gel Spray

Vital Statistics

The Chocolate Orange Gel Spray is a thick liquid that is applied to your hookbaits via a spray nozzle, that gives your hookbaits an even coating of aromatic flavour, whilst greatly increasing the pulling power of your hookbait. as well as giving the Ringers Chocolate Orange wafters a big boost, you should also consider trying it on mini-boilies, corn, meat or pellets, to give them a totally different flavour release.

Final Thoughts

The Ringers Chocolate Orange Gel Spray has proven itself to be a very versatile bait enhancer, that unlike many others the UKMA team have used and tested, it actually stays on the bait once in the water. Releasing it’s aromatic flavour and on many occasions, producing bites when stand non flavoured baits have failed.

The UKMA team have spoken to numerous anglers who have had nothing but praise for this product and many have stated that they always have it in their bait bag as a back up, so it’s not just us shouting it’s praises, you the anglers like it as well.

Foot Note – If you haven’t already tried the Chocolate Orange Gel Spray, you can pick it up from all Ringers stockist and you should expect to pay £5.99 per 10ml spray bottle

Price: £5.99


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