Ringers Betaine Liquid

Tue 27 October 15


Betaine has been an ingredient in match baits for many years now. This sweet additive which is an extract of sugar beet, has built a huge reputation as a preferred additive for match anglers who regularly target bream, tench and carp on both natural and commercial fisheries. So it comes as no surprise that Northamptonshire based Ringer Baits have this year released there own twist on this excellent fish attractant, in the form of the Ringers Betaine Liquid.

Ringer Baits Betaine Liquid 250ml

Vital Statistics

This dark brown liquid is packed full of natural feeding stimulant, making it an ideal additive to all feeds. By adding this liquid to water before mixing into groundbaits or when soaking pellets for the feeder, gives your feed a unique flavour boost, that can make your feed stand out from the crowd, particularly on pressured venues that have seen it all before. It can also be used to flavour hookbaits including corn, pellets and boilies, so what you have is a versatile, all round liquid.

Final Thoughts.

The Betaine Liquid offers you the angler a very useful way of enhancing both feed and hookbaits. It has it’s own distinctive aroma that has proven over the years to be an excellent fish attractant (ask any specimen carp angler). It is sold in 250ml screw top bottles and will cost you £4.99. Currently available from all leading Ringer Baits stockists.


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