Old Ghost Liquid Natural Attractants

Wed 04 December 13


With the temperature seriously on the decline and with the official start of autumn only just around the corner, this is the time of year that our quarry start to chow down big time and look for food sources that offer high levels of proteins to build up the body levels to see them through the cold months ahead. One way of attracting fish to your feed area is to post the flavour and leakage of your bait with liquid attractants. Taking this knowledge on board, Chinese bait giants Old ghost have release two Old Ghost Liquid Natural Attractants in the shape of the Mussel Concentrate & Krill Concentrate. UKSA have had nose at these new liquids to see what they have to offer you the angler.

The Mussel Concentrate is the concentrated liquid extract of ocean mussel which has been steamed and boiled. The Krill concentrate is the liquid extract of krill that has gone through fat separation and enzyme treatment. Both liquids have been describe by the manufacturer as being “rich in proteins and amino acids” which as we all know are tried and tested feeding triggers that produce the goods when targeting the majority of fresh water species. Both of these liquids can be used as an additive to all grounbaits, hookbaits including neat, expander pellet, feed pellets, spod, plus stick and bag mixes can all benefit from the additions of these aromatic liquids as they are 100% PVA friendly.

Top Tip – Old Ghost recommends that you add 50ml per 1kg of feed for optimum results but you can experiment adding less or more to find what works best for you on different venues and for different species.

Final Thoughts

The new for 2013 Liquid Natural Attractants range from Old Ghost really do smell the part, offering two totally distinctive fish aroma. The Mussel concentrate is the more pungent offering making it ideal for anglers in search of big bream, chub and barbel on chocolate coloured waters when a strong cent trail is a must. The KRILL CONCENTRATE offers a perfect aroma when fishing for bream, skimmers, carp, F1’s, tench and silver fish on both commercial and natural venues alike.

Both of the concentrates in the Old Ghost Liquid Natural Attractants feature a sell by date on the lids so you are 100% sure that the product inside is in pristine condition when you buy them. They are sold in easy to store and carry 550g re-sealable screw top bottles and they sell for £9.99 per bottle.


Visit the Website: http://www.oldghostbait.co.uk/