Marukyu Amino + Range

Thu 28 May 15


First Look

Over the years, there have been numerous potions and lotions designed to be the next catch fish anywhere liquid additive but as we all know, many fall short of the mark. We all know as anglers that there is no secret ingredient or flavour that is guaranteed to catch you fish but we can all dream. However, every now and then, something new comes along that catches your attention as it offers something slightly different that can fool uneducated fish. One such product that has arrived at the UKMA HQ is the new Amino + range from Japanese bait giants Marukyu.

Amino +  Range

Vital Statistics

These new liquid sprays have been specifically designed for use in all genre of todays angling. These aromatic liquids are designed to be sprayed onto your hookbaits to give them a totally unique flavour and feeding trigger release. There are 6 flavour options to choose from in the range, these are Unmami, which is a meaty pungent flavour, Scopex for all lovers of sweet flavourings, The One, which has a sour fruity aroma, Choco Cream which has a distinctive Belgium chocolate aroma with a creamy undertone, Coconutty which as the name says, this has a gorgeous nutty aroma and finally you have the Nectarmino which screams cytrus as soon as you open the bottle.

First Impressions

After having a first look at the Amino + range from Marukyu, the UKMA team are sure that at least one of the flavour options will be of use to even the most established anglers, to give their hookbaits a massive flavour boost. All flavours have there own unique aroma and apart from the Nectarmino, which has a bright orange colouing, all the other liquids in the range are dark in colour. They will be in your local Marukyu retailers very soon and will cost you £9.99 for a 100ml bottle


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