Mainline Baits Liquid Match Additives

Tue 23 June 15


First Look

With many of the tactics and flavours from the carp angling fraternities now becoming a major part of modern day commercial fishery tactics. It was only a matter of time before one of the leading bait companies from the world of carp angling produced a dedicated liquid range specifically designed for the match angler, introducing the new for 2015 Liquid Match Additives from Essex based bait giants Mainline Baits.

Mainline Bait Liquid Match Additives

Vital Statistics

The new for 2015 Liquid Match Additives are totally PVA friendly and available in 5 flavour options, these are Cell which is a white liquid with a distinctive coconut aroma, Hybrid which is orange in colour and the key ingredients are a combination of Cell and Activ-8 another proven big fish attractant, the classic yellow in colour Tutti Frutti, Pacific Tuna for all lovers of fishy. dark liquids and last but not least you have the Pellet Enhancer, which is a dark green in colour and absolutely reeks of fish.

First Impressions

As we get to here about and see numerous flavours and attractants from the carp and specialist worlds, these latest offerings from Mainline Baits have massive potentials to you the coarse and match anglers. All of the flavours are proven big fish catchers and over the coming weeks, the UKMA team will be testing them in an angling environment to let you know how well they perform in a match angling environment. These aromatic liquid additives are available form all Mainline Stockists now and they sell for £4.99 per 250ml bottle.


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