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Group Shot

Mainline Baits have made a huge impact on the carp and specimen scene over the past decade based upon total reliability, originality and total quality of product. I honestly can’t think of any product I have received for review over the past few years from Mainline that hasn’t instantly produced fish when being tested and the Active Ade particle and pellet syrups are no exception. They have been specifically formulated to draw fish into the baited area and induce a competitive feeding response.

These thick, syrupy liquids are denser than water, making them disperse as they reach the bottom and spread an attractive cloud back to the surface. This reaction is to ensure that fish are attracted to your baited area from all levels in the water column and also is a proven way of attracting fish from long distance too. Active Ade Particle & Pellet Syrup contains liquid palatants, aminos and natural sugars all of which are highly effective and well proven feeding stimulants.

These Syrup are convenient, easy to use and completely water soluble which makes them ideal for all angling situations but was originally designed to boost the attraction of prepared particles and pellets but was found to be a highly effective for carp, tench, bream, chub, barbel and roach when added to groundbait and method mixes. Mainline Baits recommend that you should use a dosage of around 10mm of syrup per 1kg of feed or particle but to be totally honest it near impossible to overdose.

TOP TIP – when you’re fishing the Bagging or Pellet waggler in a match angling situation or spodding feed when fishing Zig Rigs for carp in the warmer layers. UKMA highly recommend the inclusion of the Condensed Coconut Milk syrup, it creates the perfect lingering aromatic cloud that carp simply can’t resist.

Final Thoughts

No matter what species of fish you target there is a flavour in the Active Ade range of Syrup that will suit your angling requirements. I have been an advocate of these top quality liquid additives for some years now and the more I play with them the better they perform. Always consider the potentials of mixing two or three flavours together to create a different colour and aroma, be different from the crowd. A break from the norm could potentially make that all important difference to your catch rate.

The Active Ade Particle & Pellet Syrups are most definitely an asset to your baiting arsenal and if you like your bait to smell the mutt’s nuts, then you must give these a try. You get 500ml of syrup per bottle and expect to pay somewhere between £6.39 and £6.99 per bottle. These classic liquid additives simply assist in the catching of all coarse fish and I can vouch personally that they works in all angling situations and they will always have a place in my bait cupboard.


Visit the Website: http://www.mainline-baits.com/