Dynamite Baits The Crave Boosted Hookbait dip

Thu 01 May 14


The Crave Boosted Hookbait Dip

The UKMA team get to talk to many top match anglers and every now and then, they give us some inside information on cross over baits from the specimen carp world, that are being used to great success in matches.

One of these is ‘The CRAVEBOOSTED HOOKBAIT DIP from Nottinghamshire based DYNAMITE BAITS.
This pungent smelling rusty red coloured liquid is a pure concentrate, meaning unlike the diluted liquids that are commonly used by the match angling fraternities, this thick liquid must be used in moderation.

As a guide the UKMA team add 3 level caps full to a large tin of corn and 5 caps mixed into a litre of water when soaking pellets or mixing groundbaits. If you want to boost your luncheon meat, simply cut or punch your meat, put into a zip-lock freezer bag and add 4 caps full to a standard tin of meat. Once you have the meat and liquid in the bag, trap as much air inside as possible and seal the bag shut, then shake the contents around until the meat has an even coating, then freeze over night, job done!

These are a few example of what you can flavour but all expander pellets, hard pellets, even casters can all be enhanced by this pungent liquid, use your imagination.
The CRAVE BOOSTED HOOKBAIT DIP is sold in 200ml bottles and sells for £9.99 and as it is a pure concentrate a bottle will last for several sessions.


Visit the Website: http://www.dynamitebaits.com/