Bait-Tech Special G Glug

Sat 17 February 18


Liquid additives and glugs are now as comment place in match fishing as they’ve been in the big carp and specialist worlds. These flavour and aroma packed liquids can give your baits a distinctive flavour release, which in turn greatly increases the attraction of your feed and hookbaits. One that has caught the attention of the UKMA team is the new for 2018 Special g Glug from Bait-Tech, here’s what it has to offer you the angler.

Bait-Tech Special G Glug

Vital Statistics

This dense liquid glug has a distinctive green colouring, backed up by strong fishmeal aroma. This combination of colour and aroma, gives this thick liquid all the characteristics that you’d expect from a good quality bait glug or dip. You can use it undiluted as a hook bait dip for meat, corn, pellets and even casters. By diluting it with lake water, it can be added to groundbaits, feed pellets, plus is also a superb liquid flavour enhancer for expander pellets, to give your baits a unique flavour attraction.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous glugs and dips on the market that produce fish but this latest offering from Bait-tech offers numerous usage options based on the fact that the liquid is not pre diluted, making it stick to all baits it comes in contact with. You get 250ml per bottle for £6.99 but as this liquid glug is not pre diluted, you’l get some serious mileage from one bottle.


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