Bait-Tech Plum Liquid

Tue 18 April 17


Many of us like to give our feed and hookbaits a boost of flavour to give us the edge. With many of these liquids being water based, they can be easily added and can on the right day make a huge difference. The use of liquid additives is a personal thing and if it gives you confidence and you’re catching fish, then good luck to you! One of these liquids that has got a few tongues wagging on social media is the new for 2017 Plum Liquid from Suffolk based Bait-Tech.

Bait-Tech Plum Liquid

Vital Statistics

This fruity little number has a mellow plum aroma that is instantly noticeable, once you open the bottle. This water based liquid additive can be used for any bait preparation that involves the use of water.This is one of those liquids that can be used in whatever dosage you wont, simply because you can’t over do it.

Important Info – This liquid is NOT PVA Friendly

Final Thoughts

This water based liquid offers the anglers simple way of adding flavour to all feed pellets, expanders, corn, meat, groundbaits and even casters can benefit from a boost from this fruity liquid. It is sold in resealable 250ml squirt bottles and now available from all authorised Bait-Tech stockists adn you should expect to pay around £3.49 per bottle.


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