Bait-Tech New Oils for 2014

Sun 09 March 14


With water temperatures rising by the day, oil based additives will soon be making there annual visit back into many anglers spod and particle mixes. Oils give your bed of feed a distinguishing appeal that most species of specimen fish including carp, bream, tench, chub and barbel in particular find irresistible. Finding the right oil for your own personal requirements can be a very daunting task but to simplify things, Suffolk based BAIT-TECH have released two new classics for 2014 that will assist you in making a final decision.

Bait-Tech Oils 2014

If you fish with baits that contain minimal fish meal contents, then the new PVA friendly HEMP OIL would be the first choice for the UKMA team. This natural oil contains all the essential minerals and nutrients that fish find irresistible and with its proven track record as a big fish attractant, this is definitely one you should consider when using natural particles including hemp, maze and corn as your min feed. This thick green liquid carries a distinctive natural nutty aroma that has all the credentials you could possibly look for in a liquid attractant. And as a total bonus, this organic liquid is about as good an oil attractant as you can possibly get for all species and sizes of fish.

Bait-Tech Oils 2014 strip images

Now for all you anglers who prefer to use a fishmeal based hookbait, then the very pungent KRILL AND TUNA OIL is what the UKMA team would recommend you try. This deep red liquid is will critically enhance your feed pellets and boilies to greatly increase the levels of natural fish oils released over your baited spots. The combination of the en vogue krill and very popular Tuna flavourings have already got a massive big fish CV but by combining the two together, this creates a stunning combination that will without question attract big fish, especially on heavily coloured venues including flooded rivers when in search of big chub and barbel. The KRILL & TUNA Oil is a great all round pungent liquid attractant that comes into its own when a strong scent trail is required.

Final Thoughts

In the opinion of the UKMA team BAIT-TECH have got the new for 2014 HEMP OIL and KRILL & TUNA Oil spot on! The consistency of these oils, make both very easy to use and we personally don’t think you can add too much. By using your sense of smell, simply add the liquids until you get a subtle aroma through out your feed mix, at this point simply stop adding and job done! Both the HEMP OIL and KRILL & TUNA Oil are sold in 500ml bottles and they sell for the very reasonable price of £6.99 per bottle. There is also a POLONY OIL available in the range and the UKMA team will be taking a proper look at that over the coming weeks.


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