Bag'em Matchbaits Pellet Oil

Thu 09 June 16


For many years match anglers have been adding oils and flavours to feed and hook pellets to give them an edge, particularly in the warmer months. However, with many pellets now being of a low oil content, boosting your pellets with a good quality oil can make a huge difference. One option that has recently arrived at the UKMA office is the new for 2016 Pellet Oil from Bag’em Matchbaits, read on as we take a look.

Bagem Pellet Oil

Vital Statistics

This smooth, golden liquid has an instantly noticeable and recognisable fish aroma that is noticeable whilst not being too strong. This fish oil bait additive is designed to boost all pellets, making them heavier, which in turn makes them sink (1005) of pellets with oil on sink) Plus this makes the pellets fly further and more accurately even further. once the pellets hit the water, they leave an oily slick which when fishing shallow, holds the fish for longer. Although designed for pellets, this PVA friendly oil can also be used to boost meat, corn, paste and boilie hookbaits.

Final Thoughts

This new pellet oil from Bag’em has all the essentials you’d expect from a fine quality pellet oil, making it ideal for many species of fish, including carp, barbel, bream and tench. It is supplied in 250ml bottles, with a re-sealable pouring lid for ease of use and zero mess.

Foot Note – The Pellet Oil from Bag’em Matchbaits is available now from all authorised Bag’em stockists and will cost you £2.99 per bottle.


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