Bag'em Matchbaits Groundbait Enhancers

Fri 13 March 15


First Look

Something that all good match anglers do is try to make their groundbaits offer something different to feeding fish. There are numerous liquids and powders on the market that lay claim to being the next best thing to sliced bread but many fall short of the mark. One range that the UKMA team have used in the past that we believe made a noticeable difference to our catch rates whilst being field tested were the original Groundbait Enhancer range from Northamptonshire based Bag’em Matchabits. So when we heard that they’d made improvements to these very productive products we had to have a look for our selves. Read on as the team take a first look at the new for 2015 Groundbait Enhancers.

Vital Statistics

These specialy formulated blends of amino acids and natural proteins are proven fish attractors. These aromatic groundbait enhancers enable fish to find your bait quicker, particularly in heavily coloured waters. By adding up to 20% of a pot to a bag of groundbait, this will greatly increase your groundbaits power of attraction. For sessions where attraction is required but minimal feed, you can also make up a dry mix of enhancer and groundbait for PVA work, it works because we’ve tried it!

First Impressions

There are three flavours available in the Groundbait Ehnancer range, these are Finesse (yellow), Pure Krill (pale red) and Red Aggressor. All three options are supplied in 450 ml bottles with a two part lid with either pepper pot style or open pouring options. These handy grounbait enhancers are now available from all leading Bag’em Matchbaits stockist and they sell for £3.49 each


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