Bag'em Matchbaits Commercial Fishery Flavoured Spray - Green

Mon 05 May 14


Over the past couple of years, Northamptonshire based Bag’em Matchbaits have built a reputation for big match wins including the prestigious UK Champs and the coveted Fishomania final. This has been achieved based on the company only supplying top quality baits to their ever growing team of sponsored anglers and consultants, who have total faith in the product that they use week in, week out.

After visiting the teams annual meeting a few weeks ago, I discovered that every product has to have the seal of approval from the team before it gets released to the general public, which was very reassuring as an outsider looking in. One of the latest offerings they have released is the new for 2014 Commercial Carp Flavoured Spray Green, read on as the UKMA team have a first look at this pungent liquid.

Flavoured Spray Green

Vital Statistics

This latest addition to the excellent Commercial Carp Flavoured Spray range has the same distinctive crustacean aroma that will give all baits it comes into contact with a major fishy flavour boost that you know fish will find irresistible.

The green colour makes it possible to give baits like, corn, meat, expanders, groundbaits etc, a slight colour change, as well as a massive flavour boost, to enable your hookbait to really stand out from the crowd of free offering.
Something that the UKMA team have discovered since using these liquids is, when fishing maggots or caster on the hook and bites stop, simply give your hook baits a quick spray and this nine times out of ten leads to an instant bite.
Another top tip is to add a small amount of the Commercial Carp Flavoured Spray to water before pumping your expander pellets to give them an even flavour boost.

First Impressions

On first impressions this green pungent liquid has massive potentials as a bait enhancement system that match and specialist anglers alike will get good mileage from.
It comes supplied in a 100ml bottle, with a resalable lid to prevent the actual spray nozzle being compressed and releasing the contents all over your kit whilst in transit.
For the very competitive price of £4.99 you get a flavoured liquid that offers you the angler a magnitude of usage potentials and after using the other colours in the range for over year now, the UKMA team can assure you it will catch you fish. But just to be 100% sure, we’ll be taking it out on the bank very soon to put it through its pace in an angling environment, so until then, watch this space!


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