Sonubaits Super Expander Pellets 4mm

Tue 15 April 14


Expander pellets are one of the most popular hookbaits used by commercial fishery anglers in the United Kingdom. These easy to prepare pellets offer the angler a versatile hookbait option that all species of fish found in commercials simply can’t resist.

Sonubaits Super Expeander Pellets 4mm

One of the latest offerings to hit the shelves of numerous tackle shops this year are the new for 2014 SUPER EXPANDER from Shropshire based SONUBAITS. These new 4mm expander pellets offer you the user numerous preparation potential, as you can use them in their natural form or colour and flavour them during the pumping process, to create your very own flavour and colour combinations.

Once pumped they form a perfectly shaped hookbait or feed pellet option with a soft fibrous texture. The UKMA team pumped several pellet pumps full of the SUPER EXPANDER pellets and all expanders sunk perfectly.

Sonubaits Super Expeander Pellets 4mm - 2

Final Thoughts
Yes there are numerous ranges of expanders on the market and yes we all have our personal favourites based on personal preference but if you are looking for something slightly different that are easy to prepare and very reliable on the hook without being too tough, the SUPER EXPANDER 4mm could be what you are looking for.

They’re formulated to offer the appropriate flavours and signal to attract a multitude of species including carp, tench, bream and crucians but all silver species love them as well. If you follow the simple instructions on the front label on every pack of the SUPER EXPANDER, you’ll virtually eliminate the problem of the expander coming off the hook whilst shipping out. The SUPER EXPANDER 4mm are sold in 375g re-sealable bags and are now available from all SONUBAITS stockists and you should expect to pay no more than £2.99 per bag.

Foot Note – There is also a 6mm option available in the range and these sell for £2.99 for 375g per bag.


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