Sonubaits Band um Semi Buoyant Tested

Thu 12 June 14


Last year Sonubaits released the BAND’UM hookbait range and they have well and truly established themselves as the perfect banded hookbait for the method feeder by a very large number of match anglers all over the country (UKMA team members included). To offer a totally unique presentation option the Shropshire based bait giants have released the latest additions to the BAND’UM range in the shape of the SEMI-BUOYANT BANDUMS new for 2014. After having a play around with these flavoursome offerings, here’s what the UKMA team have to say about them.

Band um image 1

Vital Statistics

These additions SONUBAITS range have been around for over a year now and are the floating version of the original BAND’UMS. They have the same distinctive hour glass shape as the original BAND’UMS, making these hookbaits perfect for use when banding with a Pellet Bander. They have been specifically designed to offer enough buoyancy to counteract the weight of the hook. The UKMA team have found that a critically balanced presentation can be achieved when using a hook size between 16 and a 10 but it will depend on the pattern of hook being used so always experiment in advance to ensure you achieve the optimum presentation. The main advantage of these hook baits being semi buoyant and light weight in water is they will be the first thing to rise up into the fishes mouth when they suck the bait from the Method Feeder, meaning in theory, quicker and more regular bites.

Band um image 2

Top Tip – try using the SEMI BUOYANT BAND’EM hookbaits when fishing the splash, pellet or bagging waggler. With a little experimentation in hook size selection to counter balance the buoyancy of the hookbait. This will enable you to present a hookbait that will fall through the feeding zone very slowly, resulting in the bait being in the feed zone for longer increasing the chances of bites from cautious feeding fish.

Final thoughts

The SEMI BUOYANT BAND’EM offer the user an opportunity to create a presentation that offers zero buoyancy, a presentation that the specimen carp fraternities have proven for many years will fool even the most cautious of feeding fish. They’re available in five flavour and colour options, these are Pineapple (fluro yellow) , Krill (fluro orange), Strawberry (red), White Chocolate (white) and Salted Nut Crush (natural brown), giving you the angler plenty of options, so you can find out which one works best on any given day.

Band um image 3

The SEMI-BUOYANT BAND’EM options have established themselves as a perfect method hookbait when targeting carp, tench and bream on all commercial fisheries and natural venues alike. They’re available from all SONUBAITS stockists for £4.99 per 50g tub and the UKMA team now have them in our bait bag at all times and have found them to be a versatile hookbait option that regularly produces the goods in all weathers.


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