Ringers Chocolate Orange Wafters 10mm

Sun 18 October 15


Whilst at this years Tackle & Gun trade show (10/10/2015) we had a chat with Ringer Baits MD Phil Ringer who introduced us to the brands latest product, the Chocolate Orange Wafters 10mm. After a demonstration and an informative chat on how to get the bet performance out of them, he gave us a couple of sample pots to put through there paces out on the bank. Read on to find out how they performed during a 5 hour session at Cromwell Lakes near Huntingdon Cambridgeshire.

Ringers Chocolate Orange Wafters 10mm

Vital Statistics

These bright orange in colour, semi buoyant boilies have an absolutely gorgeous chocolate orange aroma, that smell good enough to eat (not recommended). Unlike a conventional boilie that is designed to sit hard on the lake bed, the wafters are designed to produces a semi buoyant presentation that makes the bait move naturally when fish are feeding in the area. To produce this presentation, these baits utilises the weight of the hook as an anchor, to keep them close to the lake bed but still able to waft about when a fish is active over your baited spot (thus the name Wafter).

Ringers Chocolate Orange Wafters 10mm with a QM1 hook and bayonet attachment

Top Tip – The perfect wafter presentation can only be achieved when used with the correct size hook. Phil Ringer recommends the Guru QM1 size 12 but others manufacturers patterns may also work perfectly. (always tank test to ensure the bait will fall through water slowly and just hover above the deck)

Field Tested

Method feeder loaded with a Ringers Chocolate Orange Wafter

In far from perfect conditions (North, North Easterly wind and 10 degrees with a wind chill factor) we arrives at Cromwell Lakes to field test these latest offering from the Ringers range on a natural venue with good numbers of bream to 9lbs plus, tench to 8lbs plus and carp from 3lbs up to mid twenties. We chose to try the straight lead, method, pellet, and hybrid feeders to evaluate the fish catching potentials of the Wafters whilst utilising all common place feeder tactics currently used in match fishing.

After soaking a bag of Ringers Method Micro’s for 4 minutes and then draining them off. We set up a standard method set up with a Guru 4’‘ pre-tied hooklength, with a QM1 size 12 and bayonet attachment. We fished a spot noted to produce well on the feeder and fished at 30 yard to the island, between two large beds of rushes. clipped up, we cast to the spot and sat on our hands and waited for the tip to go round.

Fish On!!
a good double figured mirror in the net

After roughly 3 minutes, the 2oz carbon tip hammered round and it was fish on!! After a short but powerful battle, a double figured common slipped into the landing net, not a bad start on a far from perfect day. Once the fish was in the net and between my legs, the instantly noticeable finding was the depth at which the hook was set in the fishes mouth. In most situation the fish is lipped hooked on the method feeder but because the Wafter counter acts the weight of the hook on the take, the hook was set back in the fishes mouth by roughly 25mm (1 inch) producing an assured hook hold.

the hook was set back in the mouth of carp on every take

This trend continued as a steady run of fish from 6lbs to 14lbs kept falling foul to the addition presentation buoyancy that a wafter hookbait produces. After landing well over 70lbs in less than three hours. We decided to try using standard non buoyant boilies on the method to establish if the wafter presentation was fooling the lakes normally cautious feeding fish. After an hour of regular casting, both our team members found that the fish had simply switched off, not wanting to take a conventional bottom bait boilie.

Even big bream will fall to the allure of the Chocolate Orange Wafters!

After a biteless hour, we returned to using the Chocolate Orange Wafters, and as if by magic, the tip once again flew round, this time producing a run of skimmers and bream from 10ozs to 5lbs plus.

a perfectly hooked bream in the net

Yet again we noticed that unlike the carp, these less aggressive feeders takes produced a clean lip hook penetration. Obviously, with the smaller 10oz skimmers, these much smaller fish were hooked in the top lip, simply because these greedy little sods couldn’t get the bait in their mouths (a perfect example of their eyes being bigger than there bellies)

All species fell to the allure of these aromatic wafters

Final Thoughts

After two of the UKMA team members had put these latest hookbait offerings through their paces on a far from easy venue, our findings were more than impressive. As well as catching on the method feeder during the session, we also tried the pellet feeder, Hybbrid feeder and straight lead presentations, and all approached produced various species including big roach, skimmers, bream and obviously an abundance of carp. Based on this, the UKMA team can without quest inform you that the Ringers Chocolate Orange Wafters 10mm are a very productive hookbait, that you should seriously consider adding to your bait arsenal.

Foot Note – The Chocolate Orange Wafters 10mm will be available from Monday the 19th of October 2015 from all Ringer Baits stockists and you should expect to pay £4.99 per pot.


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