Marukyu JPZ Tough 8mm Hook Pellets

Mon 29 June 15


Worth another look

After the resoundingly successful release over two years ago of the original JPz hook pellets by Japanese bait giants Marukyu, anglers started asking if a hook pellet could be produced that offered more durability when being used on the waggler and feeder?

A year later and the company’s answer is a definite yes! The new for 2013 JPz TOUCH have all the characteristics of the original version but they are now as the name predicts far more durable with a stiffer consistency making them ideal for long range waggler and feeder work as well as all pole and short range situations. They truly come into their own when being used in conjunction with method feeder when loading a method mould, as they are durable enough to stay in tact during the mould loading process and casting.

They are supplied in the standard 50g lock tight jars in Red (Ebi), Green (Nori) and the awesome new black, with all flavours being available in the 8mm size option. You can pick them up from all major MARUKYU stockists for the standard £5.99 per jar price but if you shop around on-line you can find some real good deals.


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