Marukyu Credence Corn

Tue 11 November 14


First Look

Credence Corn Range

Since its release over a year ago, the UKMA team have been regularly using the Yellow Credence Corn from Marukyu in many features and articles with excellent results. This biodegradable artificial corn offers virtually the same buoyancy and texture as real corn, whilst offering extra durability, ensuring it will stay on the hair or directly on the hook , even when being cast long distances. To take this excellent hookbait a stage further, Marukyu have now released the Credence corn in two new colours, white and red. These new colours offer the potential of keeping bites coming when fish are backing away from the standard yellow option, plus allowing you to create a multi coloured, visually attractive bait presentation. These two new options are sold in three pack option, singles triples or mixed packs and they sell for £5.99 per pack.

Foot Note

Over the next few weeks the UKMA team will be taking these new products in the Credence Corn range out on the bank to put them through there paces, so we can give an honest opinion on how well they’ll perform out on the bank. So until then watch this space for our findings


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