Mainline Match Hookbaits

Thu 05 October 17


Mainline Baits have been the leader of the pack for many years in the carp angling world both in the UK and in Europe. This well established company have taken their time in joining the numerous brands offering commercial fishery oriented baits but they’ve managed to release a comprehensive range of hookbaits designed for feeder & straight lead tactics that will catch you fish all year round. so the UKMA team have been putting them through there paces over the past few months to see how well they perform in an angling environment.

Mainline Match Boilies 8mm

Mainline Match Boilies 8mm

These round match boilies are available in 4 of the proven flavours and additives the Mainline brand is famous for. These very flavoursome hook baits have been rolled from a purpose designed, high-leakage base mix packed full of attraction, unlike many others on the market that offer just colour and flavour attraction, rather than a recognisable, fully digestible food source, which instantly makes these stand out from the crowd.

Mainline Match 8mm Boilies close up

These 8mm boilies are ideally suited for Hair-Rigging presentations including bayonet attachments, making them a very versatile hook bait option when fishing the method and cage feeder, as well as the straight lead.

Mainline Match Wafters 8mm

Mainline Match Wafters 8mm

These Waters offer a critically balanced hookbait option when the fish are feeding cautiously. When used in conjunction with a size 12 Guru QM1 hook (or an alternative pattern of a similar weight). These balanced buoyancy hookbaits enables the hook to finds it’s natural position while lightening the weight of your hook, greatly increasing the optimum hooking potentials of your rig.

Mainline Match Wafters close up

It has been proven that fish often suck up away from a feeder, meaning these hookbaits give you the best chance of optimizing on hook ups. Perfect for Hybrid, Method or Pellet Feeder tactics, in conjunction with a Hair Rig or Bayonet.

Mainline Dumbell Wafters 8mm

Mainline Dumbell Wafters 8mm

The easy-to-use Dumbell Wafters provide the angler with an alternatively shaped hookbait presentation, combined with high-leakage attraction. These 8mm Dumbell Wafters are perfect for use with a Hair-Rigged bait band, giving you a hookbait that is critically balanced with a size Guru 12 QM1 hook (or similar patterns). The semi-buoyant nature of these hookbaits lightens the weight of a hook, and ensures the hook itself is presented in a manner to give you the best chance of hook-ups.

Mainline Dumbell Wafters 8mm close up

The balanced buoyancy of these baits mean they’re easily sucked-up by fish, wafting into the mouths of the specimens that suck up feed well away from your feeder.

Final Thoughts

Over the past 3 months, several members of the UKMA team have put these hookbait offerings from Mainline Baits through there paces, with exceptional results on numerous venues. All three options in the range perform superbly, offering numerous colour and buoyancy options to keep the most cautious of fish coming to your net. They’re also strong enough to use on a bayonet attachment, which comes in very handy when bagging is the order of the day and speed is required when re-baiting.

Top Tip – When using single baits during winter, give them a boost of the Mainline Match Carp & Coarse Sticky Syrup to keep the bites coming, it really works!

Foot Note – All options are sold in a screw top 50ml pot and are available in the following colour and flavour options Orange Chocolate, White Cell (coconut) Pink Tuna and Yellow Pineapple. All three options are now available from all Mainline stockists and you should expect to pay £3.99 per pot, which is excellent value for money


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