Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Pro-Expander Range

Mon 03 March 14


Expander pellets are an essential part of all modern match anglers bait selection. They will catch fish all year round and are very simple to prepare, making them one of the most popular commercial fishery baits available today. Over the year many different types have flooded the market but one brand that has passed the test of time is the still popular today DYNAMITE BAITS expander pellet. Knowing that to compete in the modern day bait market the Nottinghamshire based company have taken expanders to another level with the release of the new for 2014 SWIM STIM PRO-EXPANDER RANGE. There are three flavour and colour options available in the range these are AMINO ORIGINAL, these are available in three sizes, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm. The second option is the BETAINE GREEN, these are available in 4mm and 6mm & the third option is the RED KRILL, these are available in 4mm and 6mm options. These new expander pellets can either be pumped or soaked to produce an expander that once prepared for use, offer excellent strength and durability when being shipped or cast out. Each size and flavour is supplied in a 600g bag, which is enough to last you several sessions and all products in the PRO-EXPANDER range will sell for £3.99 per bag


Visit the Website: http://www.dynamitebaits.com/