Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Match Mini's

Tue 21 April 15


As match anglers, we’re all on the look out for a hookbait that will stand out against the back drop of pellets and groundbaits when fishing the method. There are numerous options available including boilies, dumbbells and pellets, all offering a hi-viz visual attractant as well as flavour release to keep the bites coming. To stay in the race for your hard earned cash, Nottinghamshire based Dynamite Baits have released the new for 2015 Swim Stim Match Mini’s

Swim Stim Match Mini's

The Swim Stim Match Mini’s offer you the anglers a firm hookbait option in the form of boilies and dumbells, so you can change the appearance of your hookbait, without changing the flavour or colour option. They’re ideal for use with all commonly used forms of bait attachment, including bait band, hair rig or a bayonet. Three are three bright colours options are available, that make your hookbait really stand out and each colour option is available in a proven fish attracting flavours.

In each pot of the Swim Stim Match Mini’s you get a selection of 7mm & 9mm mixed boilies and dumbells in three totally different flavours. The three flavours and colour options are Antarctic Krill (Pink), White Amino and Betain (Yellow) and you should expect to pay around £3.99 per tub of these very well thought out hookbaits.


Visit the Website: http://www.dynamitebaits.com/