Drennan Yum Yums range

Wed 20 May 15


Field Tested

The world of bait and tackle has seen some major changes over the past decade, with many tackle companies now expanding their ranges by adding baits to their ranges. Following this trend, Oxfordshire based Drennan have released a range of hookbaits to accompany their huge range of commercial fishery terminal accessories. Read on as the UKMA team take the new Yum Yums range of soft hook pellets and liquids out on the bank to see how well they perform.

Vital Statistics

Yum Yums Soft Hook Pellets

Yum Yums Soft Hook Pellets 4mm & 6mm

The Yum Yums are Drennan’s first release in the soft hook pellet market. They have a slightly gelatinous texture, making them soft and spongy, yet durable enough to stay on the hook. These soft hook pellets are ideal for pole fishing and can also be used with rod-and-line approaches. There are two flavour options available in the range. Firstly you have the Shellfish Extract, these nat­ural brown soft hookers blend in nicely with standard coarse pellet feed and ground­bait and have been enhanced with a spe­cial Shellfish Extract to give them extra pulling power. The second options are the Crab & Krill flavour, these deep red soft hookers offer you a hookbait that will to stand out amongst your free offerings, whilst producing bites from cautious fish.

Yum Yums Bait Booster

Yum Yums Bait Boosters

The Yum Yum Bait Booster additive are available in a choice of nat­ural Shellfish Extract and red Crab & Krill, to perfectly compliment the Yum Yum soft hook pellets These liquids can be added to water to prepare expanders, feed pellet and groundbaits, even paste mixes can be boosted to give it a unique edge. These simple to use liquid additives can be sqirted on all hookbaits as well including corn, meat, boilies as it sticks to them, releasing there unique flavours over your baited area.

On the bank

The Field Test

Whilst out on the bank field testing a pole, we decided to give the Yum Yums Soft Hook Pellets and Bait Boosters a try on a venue that can be awkward at the best of time. After 5 hours on the bank we discovered that the Soft Hookers hold the hook perfectly, whilst performing like a perfectly prepared expander, having a very soft yet durable texture, which both club and serious match anglers will definitely like (we did).

Over the session, we alternated between the two colour and flavour options, and caught carp bream and tench from 2lbs up to 9lbs, which clearly demonstrated the versatility of these aromatic hookbaits. When we found the bites hard to come by whilst using the 6mm options, by switching to a double 4mm hookbait, the bites kept on coming, which is something you should seriously consider trying to keep the bites coming.

The Yum Yums Bait Booster liquids came in handy whilst preparing our pellet feed, we simply covered our hands in the Shelfish Extract options and vigorously rubbed our hands through the pellets to give them an even coating of the liquid. Once cupped in over our spot, this produced flat area on the surface and when a fish was over the feed area, you could see small but noticeable oil patches rising to the top, a sure shot sign that fish were present and feeding, which will come in hand when fishing down the edge.

Final Thoughts

All baits can be used on venues that are what we call ‘Fish Soup’ and catch fish but using a bait on a hard venue, where the fish are hard to catch at the best of times, is in the opinion of UKMA, a true test of the baits fish catching potentials. After using the Yum Yums soft Hookers and Bait Booster in both flavours, we landed a mixed bag of carp, bream and tench to 9lbs which was a result on the venue on any bait.

The Yum Yums Sof Hook Pellets are now available from all Drennan stockist and they sell for for just £1.95 per tub. The Yum Yums Bait Booster liquids are sold in re-saleable, screw top bottles and these sell for £2.99 per bottle.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/