Drennan Method Boilies 8 & 10mm

Tue 04 August 15



With a more than deserved reputation for top quality rods, poles, reel, luggage, accessories and terminal terminal tackle, Drennan are arguably one of the most successful companies in the fishing industry. So it was only a matter of time before the Oxfordshire based company would stick their toes in the deep end and have a play in the bait market. Read on as the UKMA team put the Method Boilies 8 & 10mm under the microscope.

Drennan Method Boilies 8 & 10mm

Vital Statistics

These ‘match-sized’ boilies oofer you the angler twp size options in each tub. These durable hookbaits are ideally suited to hair-rigging and bayonet presentations. They can also be easily drilled, to allow a Pushstop to be pushed through or a latex band pulled inside, so the presentation options are numerous.

There are four colour and flavour options in the range, these are Crab & Krill, these hi viz pink boilies offer a visual and aromatic attraction, creating a highly potent combination. Next up you have the Pineapple Punch, these yellow boilies are boosted with a fusion of pine­apple and N-Butyric acid which as any carp angler will tell you is avery productive combination when targeting larger carp.

The third option in the range is White Scopex Syrup,and as soon as you open the tub, you get an instantly unmistakeable creamy sweet Scopex Syrup which will catch bream and tench as well as carp. The fourth option in the range are the vivid orange, these have been infused with Tutti Frutti, arguably one of the most productive additives of all time.

Tested in amatch

Final Thoughts

After using the Drennan Method Boilies in a match angling situation on several occasions, they’ve always produced fish for the UKMA team, even on hard venues when bites were hard to come by on our usual hookbaits options. Yes we did find one flavour to produce more than the others but that was down to our personal preferences, rather than based on performance. All four options will catch you fish, just keep chopping and changing to find out which will be the most productive on any given day.

Foot Note – The Method Boilies 8 & 10mm are available from all leading Drennan stockists and they sell for £2.99 per square tub.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/thelatest/