Bait-Tech Shellfish Green Boilies & Mixed Pop Ups

Sun 13 May 12


Bait-Tech’s awareness of what anglers use rather than what anglers should use, has been one of the major factors in the brands continued growth over the past few years, with many top flight match, specimen and specialist anglers now taking advantage of the company’s ever growing armoury of top quality ground baits, particles and, in particular, their very impressive hook bait selection. The latest additions to the hook bait range for 2010 are the new Shellfish Green Boilies and Shellfish Mixed Pop Ups.

Bait-Tech Green Boilies and pop ups

The Shellfish Green Boilies have been released to accompany the already successful Shellfish yellow and white boilies. These expertly rolled and informal baits have been proven to be the perfect hook bait for the all PVA tactics, Method feeder, straight lead and the baggin’ waggler. These highly effective hook baits are designed for bottom or on the deck presentations and are available in 8mm and 10mm sizes, supplied in a very robust 125ml plastic pot that is clearly labeled and sell for a very reasonable £2.99.

To take the Shellfish Boilies to a whole new level, Bait-Tech have also released the Shellfish Mixed Pop Ups. These clever boilies give the angler the option of presenting baits popped up, critically balanced or “Snowman” style, which is created by having a standard bottom bait on the hair next to the hook and adding a Pop Up to make the bait sit up. These 10mm Pop-Ups come in a mixed pot containing white, red, yellow and a new bright green colour and cost £3.49 for a 125ml pot.

Final Thoughts

These Shellfish Green Boilies and Shellfish Mixed Pop Ups complete the Bait-Tech Boilie Hook bait range perfectly. They give the match Specialist and Specimen angler a multi functional bait system that will catch Bream, Carp and Tench of any size from most lakes and commercial fisheries. Even if you target big Chub and Barbel on your local River I personally think they will produce the goods but this is yet to be proven (we’ll keep you up to date on any reports from future field tests).

In the cooler months, especially during the harder winter, it is always handy to have a bait alternative from your chosen winter baits, especially if you are targeting any species of fish that would normally respond to a Boilie. UKMA highly recommend that you should carry a selection of the Shellfish 8mm & 10mm Boilies and a pot of the Shellfish Mixed Pop Ups, they might just give you the edge on a day that your normal food source might let you down.

Foot note Always check the fishery rules to ensure that you are permitted to use boilies on the venue you are fishing.


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