Bagem Matchbaits Sweetcorn Red Aggressor

Sun 26 April 15


Sweetcorn is now one of those baits that you simply can’t ignore when targeting the majority of species, both on commercial fisheries and natural venues. This highly visible hookbait and feed option catches fish all year round and on many venues is the No.1 hookbait option. To give you the angler an edge, there are numerous flavour and colour options on the market to keep the bites coming. One option that has recently arrived at the UKMA HQ that has caught our attention is the new for 2015 Red Aggressor sweetcorn from Northamptonshire based Bag’em Matchbaits, read on as we take a first look at this latest corn option.

Sweetcorn Red Aggressor

Vital Statistics

The Bag’em Matchbaits Sweetcorn Red Aggressor are large grains of corn that have been flavoured with the new Red Aggressor flavouring. This new flavour option has a distinctive fishy aroma and contains a well proven big fish attractor that shall remain nameless. Each of the deep red grains of corn, are coloured to the core so when you chop some up to add to your feed, the colour is consistent. Ideally suited for all common presentations including straight on the hook or hair rigged, these durable grains of corn will stay on even when being cast into the horizon. Plus, when using these durable grains of corn in a method mould, they don’t crush and split.

Large consistent sized grains of corn

Final Thoughts

After using the Sweetcorn Red Aggressor in an angling environment for a few weeks now, it has proven to be a great colour and flavour alternative to standard sweetcorn, especially when fishing over a bed of fishmeal flavoured feed. The consistency of size, colouration and flavour will definitely catch your attention and many fish (The UKMA team know because we’ve tried it) You can pick up a 200ml sealed pot of the Sweetcorn Red Aggressor from all Bag’em Matchbaits stockist for £2.99 which is great value for money!


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