Bagem Matchbaits Pro-Competition Winter Expander Pellets 2mm

Thu 01 December 16


Minimal feed is the order of the day during the bitterly cold winter months. We’ve all been caught out by over feeding and killing the swim at one time or another, so it is now standard practice to hold back on the feed and only feed small amounts of freebies to keep the bites coming (as they say “you can always put more in but you can’t take it out”) how true that is.

Bagem Matchbaits Pro-Competition Winter Expander Pellets 2mm

With this scenario in mind, the UKMA team have been having a look around to see what was new in the bait and feed department for the winter match angler, and we stumbled upon the new for 2016 Pro-Competition Winter Expander Pellets 2mm, from Northamptonshire based Bag’em Matchbaits, read on as we take a first look.

Vital Statistics

When you first open the re-sealable bag, these 2mm are supplied in, these light brown expander pellets release their distinctive fish aroma with a subtle whole meal undertone. Another pleasing feature these expander pellets offer is informal sizing throughout the packet. So far so good, so we decided to pump up a batch to see how well they’d transform from a hard buoyant expander, into a soft sinking pellet, ready for use.

Straight from the bag

We loaded our pellet pump with the expanders and prepared them as we would any other expander, and after only three pumps, we released the vacuum and all of the pellets instantly sank to the bottom of the pump chamber. We then emptied the water from the pump and tipped the pellets into a bait box and within two minutes, the Winter Expanders were all fully developed and ready for use as a hookbait or as feed in the pole pot.

After being pumped, ready to use

First Impressions

After having a play around with the Pro-Competition Winter Expander Pellets 2mm, based on our first impressions, the UKMA team are very impressed with the structure and consistency of these very useful feed and hookbait options. These very nice expander pellets are very easy to prepare and as they’re sold in a re-sealable bag, you can store them in perfect condition ready for the next session. The Pro-Competition Winter Expander Pellets 2mm are sold in 500g bags and are now available from all authorised Bag’em Matchbaits stockists and you will have to pay £3.59 per bag.

Foot Note – As per usual, the UKMA team will be putting these new winter expanders through their pace in an angling environment to see how well they perform, so until then watch this space for a field test results.


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