Bagem Matchbaits New Pork Luncheon Meat Flavours for 2015

Tue 31 March 15


First Look

Pork Luncheon meat is arguably one of the best commercial fishery baits during the warmer months, accounting for numerous match wins up and down the country, and on many venues is the must have hookbait. Preparing meat is a very time consuming job but one that we all have to do as match anglers. Another time eating task is flavouring and colouring meat to offer a variation on natural meat, to keep the bites coming.To aid you with this task and to save you a bit of time, Northamptonshire based Bag’em Matchbaits have released two new flavour options in their very popular Pork Luncheon meat range for 2015, read on as the UKMA team take a first look.

Red Aggressor & Super Scopex Flavoured Pork Luncheon meat

Vital Statisitics

The two new flavour and colour options are the Red Aggressor, which is a very pungent fish aroma that smells identical to a good quality pellet with red colouring. the second option is the Super Scopex, this subtle orange in colour hookbait carries the instantly recognisable Scopex flavouring, offering a sweet alternative to natural meat or fish flavourings. Both flavour options are pre cut into 8mm cubes by hand to ensure thy are the identical size. Both options are now available from all Bag’em Matchbaits stockists adn you should expect to pay £2.99 per tub.


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