Sensas 3000 Lake Black

Sun 24 November 13


There are not many groundbaits that have remained a top seller for nearly 25 years but the SENSAS LAKE BLACK is one of them. The UKMA team members have personally used it as a cold water groundbait for many years now and it’s unrivalled productivity when targeting all species found in lakes, canals, river and drains. It was specifically designed for all silver fish species but everything from big bream, tench, carp and even barbel can fall foul to its excellent fish attracting presence. It is a gorgeous sweet smelling mix that contains numerous tiny free offerings to get fish’s heads down and feeding confidently. One of the most productive methods of using this fantastic dark attractant is to form small balls of groundbait packed with squat, pinkie, maggot or casters. These variations on a method has caught the UKMA numerous weights of silver fish in bitterly cold conditions when the water has been near tap clear. The SENSAS LAKE BLACK has proven over time to be an excellent on the pole and whip lines but also useful when fishing the cage feeder beyond the pole line.

Product image

TOP TIP: When fishing the feeder using SENSAS LAKE BLACK, the UKMA team have learned over the years that if you use 75% LAKE BLACK and 25% SENSAS GUDGEON, this is a very productive big fish mix in winter, regularly producing bonus bream, tench and even carp from natural venues in the extremes of winter when other conventional groundbait mixes have failed, well worth a try!!

Final Thoughts

After using the SENSAS LAKE BLACK for nearly 20 years, the UKMA team still use this perfectly suited to cold water groundbait. To prepare it simply add small amounts of water and mix in vigorously until you achieve the desired constancy.
Always mix heavier when targeting deep of flowing water to insure your groundbait breaks down on the deck and not on the way down.

SLB mixed and ready to use

It is sold in 1kg bags, which is the ideal quantity for most winter sessions. A truly classic groundbait formula that year after year still continues to catch fish, even in the very worst of weather conditions our unstable climate has to offer and definitely a feed option that if you haven’t already, should seriously consider trying for your self.
You should expect to pay £3.69 per bag but obviously shop around on line for the best deals available


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