Ringers Pure Ground expanders

Wed 26 September 12


Amongst certain members of the match fishing fraternities, ground expander has been a major player in there bait arsenals for a couple of years now. Unfortunately as we all know, very little stays secret in the angling world and it was only a matter of time before the word got out and the entire angling world would start experimenting and discovering the benefits of using Pure-Ground expander. As per usual the leading brand in commercial fishery baits over the past decade Ringer Baits or as they are now know Ringers, have been first to release this simple but very affective bait and very useful additive readily available to the angling public.

Ringers Fine Ground Expander

The Facts

Ground expander pellet has gained huge popularity amongst the some of the biggest names in the commercial match fishing quarters over the past couple of years based around two very important factors. Firstly ground expander pellet has a near zero buoyancy which makes it ideal when fishing up in the water and a sloppy groundbait or cloud is required. The lighter particles created when you grind down expander pellets makes it hang in the water for longer producing a bait cloud ideal for shallow or marginal presentations but its biggest impact is as a paste, with numerous big carp weights falling to the light weight paste Pure-Ground Expander produces.
TOP TIP – by adding your favourite liquid colour or flavour you can create a unique and devastating cloud that will draw fish into your feeding area and keep them there.

Pure-Ground Expander also works superbly when mixed 50/50 with micro pellet or standard fishmeal groundbaits for all method feeder and standard cage or open end feeder work. When we carried out a breakdown comparison test between two groundbaits mixed using exactly the same amount of micro pellets but in one we added 50% fishmeal groundbait and in the second mix we added 50% Pure-Ground expander. We found that by adding the ground expander pellet to our method or groundbait mix, you could reduce the breakdown time and make it nearly 40% quicker than the traditional micro pellet and groundbait mix we usually used.

Ringers Fine Ground Expander

Final Thoughts

This latest groundbait offering from Ringers is definitely one to look out for, when we first found out about it we instantly knew it was going to be a big winner based on hearing two years of rumours and sneaky tips being past around the match circuits elite about Pure-Ground Expander and its many potential uses. I have been fortunate enough to have found out about and utilised ground expander Pellets versatility and have now caught enough match sized carp, tench, skimmers and bream to totally validate this baits potential fish catching pedigree.

As a bonus, Pure-Ground Expander has also produced excellent results when targeting large shoals of roach and rudd when other species are simply not interested in feeding. UKMA highly recommend you visit your local retailer, buy a bag and have a play around with what is potentially, one of the most versatile groundbaits to hit the retailer’s shelves in some time, we know because we have thoroughly tested it and the results speak for themselves, a great product with many uses!!


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