Marukyu Black Sweet Fishmeal Groundbait

Sat 18 October 14


Field Tested

This year, Japanese bait giants Marukyu have made a big impact on the UK market, by releasing several groundbait products that offer excellent value for money, as well as a top quality product. After a visit to the Tackle & Gun trade show just over a week ago, the UKMA team were given some samples of the new for 2014/15 Black Sweet Fishmeal groundbait that is due for release in a couple of weeks time. So we took it out on the bank to have a play to see how it would perform.

Marukyu Black Sweet Fishmeal Groundbait

Vital Statistics

When you open the bag, you instantly notice the sweet aromatic arom of this latest groundbait offering from the Maukyu. This fine black groundbait contains minimal food content which will make it an instant hit with match and course anglers who fish mixed fisheries in the colder months. The dark black colouring of this groundbait will also attract anglers who have to fish in clear water conditions, particularly when fishing close to islands and far margins where the water can be near tap clear.

Black Sweet Fisheal mixed ready for the feeder

The Field Test

The UKMA team took a 1kg bag of the Black Sweet Fishmeal to a cambridgeshire mixed fishery to see how it would perform out on the bank. We mixed the groundbait just wet enough to hold in the feeder and fished a combination of hookbaits including maggots, Marukyu 8mm Skrill Pellets and corn as hookbaits.

Island of rushes at 30 yds

After casting out 15 medium feeders of groundbait to an island of rushes at 30 yards, We started the session off with maggots as our chosen hookbait just to establish what was in the swim. After an hour we were steadily landing a fish a cast from 2ozs up to 10 ozs, including skimmer bream, roach, rudd and the odd perch. After 2 hours we’d amassed nearly 10lbs of silvers but no big fish had shown up, which I had put down to the lack of food content and the fact that the water temperature was incredibly high for the time of year, meaning the big fish wanted some proper grub to hold them.

Add 2mm and 4mm for bigger fish

So after two hours we introduced a small amount of the Marukyu 2mm and 4mm Skrill pellets to introduce some food content to the groundbait. We then changed hooklengths to use corn and big pellet as our hookbait to see if the bigger fish would start feeding. After only two casts with the introduction of free pellet offerings , the tip flew round to the charge of a stunning 1lbs 12ozs brown goldfish (thats better). Over the next hour we had carp to 6lbs, skimmers to 2lbs, tench to 5lbs and a stunning rudd just over the 1lb mark.

In blustery conditions and whilst many other anglers fishing the lake struggled for regular bites, we were able to keep the bites coming continuously for the entire three hours we were on the bank. By introducing a small amount of food content this instantly increased the stamp of fish we caught, taking the average size from 5 ozs whilst using the groundbait on it’s own with maggot hookbait, to over 1.5lbs when we introduced a small amounts of 2mm and 4mm Skrill pellet to our mix.

Final Thoughts

Black Sweet Fishmeal Labels close up

After reviewing numerous different groundbait offering during the year, it takes something pretty special to get the UKMA team excited but that’s exactly what the Black Sweet Fishmeal did. From the moment you open the bag, incredibly sweet aroma is very pleasing with its noticeable fine texture giving it an instant appeal to all you anglers who target skimmers and bream in winter. It mixes up perfectly and after rubbing it through our hands for a few seconds, we were able to remove all lumps without the need for riddling.

10lbs of mixed silvers in two hours

The Black Sweet Fishmeal Groundbait is going to be in your local Marukyu stockist in the next couple of weeks, and It will be available in the 800g option for the angler using smaller quantities and this option will cost you £3.99 per bag and the 1.5kg options will cost you £5.99, which if you use a lot of groundbait, this option will save you a small fortune over the winter months.

Foot Note
The UKMA team will be back out on the bank when the weather gets proper cold to see how well it will perform in clear, cold water conditions, so untill then, watch this space


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