Marukyu Focus Deep Impact

Thu 13 August 15


First Look

With the ever increasing popularity of commercial fisheries over the past 20 years. Many companies have simply ignored the requirements of the river angler, by only producing baits that are specifically designed to target commercial species. However, there has been a huge number of anglers now returning to the rivers, drains and canals, in search of quality sport, so the demand for baits suitable for these types of venues has started to increase.

Marukyu Focus Deep Impact

Spotting this latest trend in bait requirements, Marukyu UK have added the new for 2015 Deep Impact groundbait to the very popular Focus range of bait products. This dark coloured groundbait is designed and specifically developed for use on venues where you need a heavy mix, to get your bait down on the deck and quickly. The addition of Amino+ means that there are huge levels of natural attraction, making this bait very attractive to numerous species.

First Impressions

The Focus Deep Impact is an ideal option when targeting deeper and running waters as it binds together superbly, making it sticky and heavy enough to be the perfect carrier of large volumes of feed. Yes yo can use it on commercial fisheries but in our opinion, you will get a lot more milage out of it if used on running water.

Foot Note – The Focus Deep Impact is sold in two bag size options, an 800g bag will cost you £3.99 and the 1.5kg option sells for £6.99 and both options are available from all leading Marukyu UK stockists.


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