Dynamite Baits Silver X carp groundbaits

Tue 05 March 13


Silver X carp groundbaits

Dynamite Baits have built there brand name around reliability and quality of product, so if they release a new product you can guarantee that it has been thoroughly field tested by some of the best anglers in the country. So with this in mind we made it our job to get our hands on some to spread the gospel on the Silver X Carp.

Unlike conventional commercial fishery ground baits, the Silver X Carp is a sweet biscuit and fishmeal based ground bait that is designed not only to attract big carp into your swim but by adding to the mix a blend of mixed particles, the Silver X Carp stimulate the feeding, holding the fish in your swim for longer.

The Silver X Carp is a bit of an all-rounder, designed to cover all demands of modern match fishing. Perfect for use on the pole, feeder, or method feeder and great as a carrier for other particles such as sweet corn and pellets.
The range consists of three different mixes:

Foot Note – The Original Natural Brown, Match Green & Super Red sell for £3.99 per 1kg bag.