Dynamite Baits Robin Red Groundbait

Sun 03 May 15


First Look

Haith’s Robin Red has been a proven attractor of big fish for many years, being a noted additive in many of the most successful baits of all time. Haith’s were the original producers of this red aromatic additive and to this day still produce the best quality Robin Red available to you the anglers. Taking this on board, Dynamite baits have now teamed up with Haith’s to release the new for 2015 Robin Red Groundbait, read on as the UKMA team take a first look.

Dynaite Baits Robin Red Groundbait

This latest addition to the Dynamite Baits Groundbait range incorporates the legendary Robin Red carp attractant to create a groundbait mix suitable for method feeder fishing, stick/spod mixes, balling in and it can even be made into a paste. This easy to mix groundbait, is sold in resealable 900g bags, so you only need to use what’s needed and you can keep the rest fresh for a later date. You should expect to pay around £4.75 per bag.


Visit the Website: http://www.dynamitebaits.com/